Sunday, March 11, 2012

A (lovely) study day.




What I'm Wearing:
Tank Top: Thrifted (no tag) |  Blouse:  Fortune Cookie (hand-me-down from sister)  |  Jeans:  Delia's (thrifted)  |  Boots:  Tractor Supply Company (my old riding boots)  |  Bracelet:  Gift from friend (from her travels abroad)

I'm taking a short study break to post this, as I've spent the entire day in Starbucks studying my life away for finals.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside, and I'm heartbroken that I've had to spend it indoors studying.  

I found this old blouse the other day while organizing my closet, and decided to try pairing it with a sparkly tank top I'd picked up from the thrift store a few months ago.  I thought it made kind of an interesting color contrast, since the tank is kind of a bronze color (although it doesn't show up that well in the pics).  Nothing too special for a day spent studying!

P.S.  I hate Daylight Savings Time!  Why does it always happen during finals, so I LOSE an hour of studying? Boo!!


  1. I love the blouse - the ties are so cute!! I hate Daylight Savings time too.

    1. Thank you, Beth! And I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering. I feel like an hour of my life has been sucked away! :(