Monday, October 31, 2011

Fringe on Halloween

One of my favorite new trends right now is FRINGE! Whether it's bangs or on bags and shoes, fringe is definitely IN here in Ohio! On my last thrift store adventure I was thrilled to pick up a long brown cardigan with fringe on the ends, and I can't wait to shoot pics and share it with you guys. Combined with my fringed boots (also a thrift store find) I think I have a winning outfit that will be just perfect for fall! What do you think about the current fringe trend?

Fringe, fringe, and more fringe

Today I had surgery lab all afternoon, so I spent most of the day in scrubs. Unfortunately there's no "cute" way to wear scrubs...although today I was rocking my Katherine Heigl brand designer scrubs. Did you know there was such a thing?

Surgery lab today was actually quite appropriate for Halloween. We practiced fracture fixation techniques, which meant a lot of sawing and drilling through bone. In the end, we ended up with a tibia that looked very much like it came from some Frankenstein's monster skeleton dog!

This is what it would have looked like in a real, live dog:
(Photo courtesy of
Pretty cool, huh?

In honor of Halloween, the American Veterinary Medical Association released a press release describing why you would want a veterinarian on your team in the event of a zombie apocalypse. If you've never thought about it before, you may want to think about it now...especially with it being Halloween and all... ;)

5 reasons you want a veterinarian on your team in a zombie apocalypse

Schaumburg, IL — In recent episodes of AMC's zombie series The Walking Dead, a new character introduced to the show, Dr. Hershel Greene, helps treat and save the life of a critically injured child. Dr. Greene, however, is not a physician, but a veterinarian.

Now, under normal circumstances, of course, we would never recommend that a veterinarian treat a human, but in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, well ... physicians might be hard to come by, governing boards and malpractice laws are out the window, and if one of your party is bleeding to death, a veterinarian just might give that person the best chance of survival.

Which got us thinking ... how else might a veterinarian prove useful in a zombie apocalypse? Here are our top 5 reasons you'd want a veterinarian as part of your zombie apocalypse team:

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting to know me

Hello world.

Just to be clear from the start, there are many things I am not.

1) I am not a professional photographer. Alas, I wish I owned an amazing camera and had the artistic skills to shoot Vogue-worthy photo spreads for this humble blog. What I do have is a KodakEasyShare Z712 IS and a desire to get better with every photo. To that end, feel free to critique away!

2) I am not a fashion icon. There are some days when I put an outfit together, and by the end of the day say to myself, "What was I thinking?" No indeed, I am not above fashion mistakes. That's why I'm both a vet AND fashionista in training! What I AM is a girl who loves fashion and trying new things...even if it puts me at risk of looking a bit silly at times. Again, feel free to critique away!

3) I am not a supermodel. I was a quite hesitant about doing the whole "fashion blog" thing because the thought of taking pictures of myself for the whole world to see did not excite me. At all. However, the idea of challenging myself to find new and creative ways of wearing my thrift store finds DID excite me. And so a-blogging we will go.

4) I am not a vet. Yet. I am beyond excited to attend veterinary school and cannot WAIT to achieve my dream of becoming a veterinarian. That day is coming. In the meantime, all I can do is study, study, study. Because I am not a vet, I cannot ethically answer veterinary-related questions on this blog. Even if I DID have my DVM I couldn't answer, because without a little thing called the VCPR (Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship) it would be unethical of me to do so. My answer will always be, "Ask your personal veterinarian." Sorry!

On the other hand, there are a few things I am:

1) I am a vet student. Veterinary school in the USA, like medical school, is a 4 year post-undergraduate program. I received my BS in Zoology (minor in English) in 2008 and began veterinary school in 2009. I am now three years into my veterinary education, and am learning more and more each day! Veterinary school is, quite simply, draining. Human doctors have to learn the anatomy, physiology, and disease pathology of a single species - humans. As veterinarians, we have to learn the anatomy, physiology, and disease pathology of dogs, cats, sheep, cows, goats, horses...the list goes on! As you can probably guess, it is an extremely demanding program, and because of that most days it can be challenging to find motivation to even put pants on. Seriously, students sometime show up to class in PJ's. It happens. Hopefully this blog will inspire me to put away the hoodies and sweat pants and instead dress like the inner fashionista I am!

2) I am a POOR vet student. Veterinary school is EXPENSIVE, and the average debt of a newly graduated veterinarian is about $150,000. Yeah, it's not a pretty picture. But most of us don't go into veterinary medicine because we want to get rich. We do it because we are passionate about animals! Because I am "poor", I do most of my shopping at thrift stores...and I love it! The thrill of the hunt! The rows and rows of clothes, with buried gems just waiting to be found! Honestly, who doesn't love a good thrift store?

3) I am over-involved, over-committed, and don't know how to say no. Meaning I don't have a ton of spare time. In fact I probably shouldn't even start this blog. But you know what? I'm going to anyway.

And so, my friends, without further is my FIRST outfit of the day! It's that time of year when the leaves change color and the temperature drops. No longer can I leave my house 10 minutes before class and make it on time. No sir, now I have to leave myself extra time to defrost the car and scrape off the frost (and glare enviously at passing cars that obviously live in garages...sigh). This time of year I'm a BIG fan of layers, especially because I get more use out of my wardrobe by layering long-sleeves under my warmer-weather tops.


What I'm Wearing:
Deer shirt - Thrifted
Long-sleeved T - Cloud Nine (Burlington Coat Factory)
Skinny Jeans - House of Dereon
Brown corduroy blazer - Lipstick (hand-me-down)
Necklace (gift)
Boots - Simply Vera


This is Abby, my oh-so-chubby darling girl! I'm currently working on helping her to lose some pounds, since she is quite a bit heavier than she ought to be. In the future I plan on writing a bit about Abby's weight loss journey. I hope you'll come back to read all about it!

Thanks for reading my first post! I'm really looking forward to this journey!
Happy Halloween!