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April is
National Heartworm Awareness Month!
Heartworm is a potentially devastating parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes to both dogs AND cats.  The good news is that this disease can easily be prevented by administering once-monthly year round medication to your pet!  

Every state in the USA has heartworms, so no cat or dog is safe from this parasite without heartworm medication:

Heartworm PREVENTION is extremely important because this disease is often fatal, even with treatment!  For years folks thought that only dogs get heartworm, but we now know that this isn't true.  While rare, there have been many cases of cats contracting heartworm disease.  Now there are medications for cats, too (such as Revolution) to prevent this from occurring.

Many veterinary clinics run specials during the month of April to encourage you to bring your dog or cat in for testing.  Many dogs and cats who get heartworm do not show clinical signs until it is too late, so yearly screening is really important!  Call your veterinarian today to make your appointment for a screening test, and be sure to ask for more information to make sure your pet is protected.  Your pets will thank you for it!

If you have a cat or dog, please take a moment to watch this short 2 minute video about heartworms:

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