Monday, April 23, 2012

The loss of a beloved pair of jeans.

Hello my friends!

I bet you thought I fell off a cliff and disappeared for good, huh?  Close, but not entirely accurate!  I was in fact out in the middle of the boondocks for the past two weeks for my large animal medicine rotation.  I didn't realize this would mean little to no internet access for the entire duration of the rotation, or else I would have given ya'll the heads up!  But now I've rejoined civilization and look forward to more regular updates.



What I'm Wearing:
Shirt : Vintage (thrifted hand-me-down from sister) |  Jeans: Calvin Klein (thrifted)  |  Belt: Chiang Mai, Thailand Walking Street  |  Necklace: Don Drumm Studios   Boots:  Tractor Supply Company 

This was my outfit of choice for catching up on chores around the house and running an errand or two this past Sunday - my absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans in the whole universe and a vintage peasant blouse.  Tragically, later that evening, I accidentally ripped a gigantic hole right in the knee region of one of my pant legs!  I am absolutely devastated because these are seriously the most comfortable pair of jeans I own.  RIP, dear Calvin Klein jeans!

I just started my shelter medicine and surgery rotation, which means my days will be filled with lots of spay and neuter surgeries.  It will be an absolute MIRACLE if I can make it out of this rotation without adopting another cat or dog!  Dear God, please give me the strength to say no...

Tomorrow I get to perform my first spay as primary surgeon.  I am a little freaked out, but very excited!  Wish me luck! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pencil skirts and heartworms

It's that time again...Inspiration Monday at Two Birds!  This week's photo features Louise Roe in a sweater and pencil skirt combo.  I admit, I actually googled Louise Roe because I wasn't sure who she was.  Fashion journalist, model, television host...this lovely lady wears many hats!  Anyway, here's the pic:

And here is my take on Louise's look:




What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (thrifted) |  Belt: Francesca's Collections  |  Skirt: American Eagle (thrifted)  |  Shoes:  Nine West (thrifted)  |  Purse: Jule   |  Sunglasses:  Gucci knock-offs (from my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


The temperature climbed back up into the 70's, so it was WAY too warm to wear a long-sleeved sweater like Louise.  I was actually quite happy with the way these items pulled together - I've had this skirt for a really long time and never worn it, primarily because I've never been happy with any shirt I tried pairing it with.  Yay for Inspiration Monday victories!

Can you believe it's April already?  March usually crawls by, but this year it seemed to pass SO quickly!  A new month means a new VETERINARY CAUSE OF THE MONTH.   April is...drumroll please...

National Heartworm Awareness Month!
Heartworm is a potentially devastating parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes to both dogs AND cats.  The good news is that this disease can easily be prevented by administering once-monthly year round medication to your dog or cat.  

Every state in the USA has heartworms, so no cat or dog is safe from this parasite without heartworm medication:

Heartworm PREVENTION is extremely important because this disease is often fatal, even with treatment!  For years folks thought that only dogs get heartworm, but we now know that this isn't true.  While rare, there have been many cases of cats contracting heartworm disease.  Now there are medications for cats, too (such as Revolution) to prevent this from occurring.

Many veterinary clinics run specials this month to encourage you to bring your dog or cat in for testing.  Many dogs and cats who get heartworm do not show clinical signs until it is too late, so yearly screening is really important!  Call your veterinarian today to make your appointment for a screening test, and be sure to ask for more information to make sure your pet is protected.  Your pets will thank you for it!

If you have a cat or dog, please take a moment to watch this short 2 minute video about heartworms:

Learn more:
Click here to learn about heartworms in dogs.
Click here to learn about heartworms in cats.

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