Monday, March 19, 2012

Almost like a vacation...

The "Inspiration Monday" photo on Two Birds featured the lovely Olivia Wilde in a Maxi Dress, leather jacket, and sneakers.

My outfit didn't end up having that much in common with Miss Wilde's, other than the maxi dress and sunglasses.  For one thing, it is WAY too gorgeous and warm outside to wear a leather jacket or closed-toe shoes.  Also I'm a bit too much of a girly-girl to wear sneakers with a dress.  It looks great on Olivia, but I'm not a fan of the style on myself.


Look!  Bushes are blooming!
What I'm Wearing:
Maxi Dress:  Grass Collections (Macy's)  |  Cardigan:  Forever 21 (thrifted)  |  Shoes:  DSW

I loved pulling this maxi dress out of my closet because I typically only wear it on vacations.  This week is spring break and my LAST time off before starting clinics next Monday.  Instead of going on vacation, as many of my classmates are, I am staying in town to work on writing my MPH thesis.  So I just loved pulling on this dress because it's almost like I'm on a "staycation"!

This past weekend was actually quite a big deal because Saturday was my White Coat Ceremony!  At this event, a current veterinarian puts a white coat on a third year veterinary student, signaling their transition into their 4th year of school and first year of clinical medicine.  Wikipedia goes even further to describe it as having "a quasi-religious significance, that symbolizes a 'conversion' of a lay person into a member of the healthcare profession and is similar to a priest's ordination to priesthood."  The day was made even MORE special because my sister, who is already a veterinarian, agreed to "coat" me!  Here are a couple (really poor) cell phone photos from the event. My parents took much nicer photos with their camera, so hopefully I'll have those soon! 
My sister, Kelley, "coating" me!
Ta-Da!  Starting to look like a doctor. :)

 Well, back to work!  Unfortunately this thesis isn't going to write itself...

P.S. Thank you for the feedback on my last outfit!  The heels overwhelmingly won, and I totally agree with you ladies.  :)  Heels it is!

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  1. Exciting news about your white coat ceremony!

    I also love your dress - even if it doesn't look that much like the picture, that is ok! I like the colors quite a bit in yours!

  2. congratulations! that is a pretty amazing ceremony, and how great that your sister was able to do it! i love your dress, and the hemline of that sweater works perfectly with it!

  3. Hey, found you on Inspiration Monday. That dress is really fun, and congratulations on your white coat!

  4. Wow, it's fascinating to know about the rites of passage in medicine!
    I can see the inspiration in your outfit. It's a lovely maxi and the cardigan is a great shape too!

  5. I love that maxi dress. Good luck on your thesis!

  6. Adorable outfit! Congrats too. Oh and my clothes end up with cat or dog hair every day. A lint brush is my friend. LOL I'm also a HUGE thrift fashion shopper.

  7. great outfit interpretation!

  8. Congratulation on your rite of passage ceremony into your 4th year. And what an honor to have your sister put the white coat on you to make the event even more special.
    Lovely maxi dress and cardigan.