Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Caterpillar Contact




What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Milano /  Skinny Jeans:  Salt Works NYC (they're PURPLE, I promise) /  Shoes: Lifestride (DSW)

The other evening, I was outside enjoying the mild spring weather pulling the pesky weeds that have decided to sprout up en masse in my flower beds.  I donned gardening gloves for the task, and as I worked I suddenly felt some mild discomfort within my right glove over the back of my wrist.  I thought perhaps a rogue thorn had slipped in, and ignored it as I worked on.  After all, I was on a roll and it was only a mild discomfort...

Until it turned into a very distracting, very acute stabbing pain.

And when I pulled off my gardening glove, I discovered a little caterpillar half in his cocoon and half out, stinging away at my wrist in protest for my premature disturbance of his metamorphosis.

So, now you know: caterpillars can hurt.  I'm fairly certain it was the irritation of his little hair tufts rather than any bite.  Even so...OUCH.

Sorry little buddy for disturbing you...I don't know how you ended up in my glove!

(And no, I didn't wear this outfit outside gardening.  This was my outfit of choice for a lovely family dinner at my parents' house. Steaks on the grill, beer, and family...what more could a girl want?)

Besides my accidental caterpillar contact, I haven't been up to a whole lot.  Work has been kicking my butt lately; I come home and basically collapse on the couch with a glass of wine and my Apple TV each evening.  In fact, this pretty much sums up my feelings on life:

Can anyone else relate?

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Belated Easter Outfit

I know this is almost a week late, but I took a few minutes to snap some photos of my Easter Sunday outfit and just realized I never posted them.  D'oh! 




What I'm Wearing:
Blazer:  Soulmates (thrift)  / Lace Tank: Verve Ami /  Skirt: Lauren Conrad (Kohl's) /  Boots: Bare Traps (DSW)

I picked up this lovely tulle skirt from Kohl's a couple months ago, and Easter seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it.  I love the gold elastic waistband, and I thought the floral print in my thrifted blazer matched the pale rose color of the skirt nicely.  The air still had a bit of a chill in it, so I wore my favorite heeled boots to complete the look.  And now I want to fill my closet with tulle skirts, because they are JUST SO FUN and FEMININE!

This evening I plan to spend relaxing with friends at a local wine bar listening to some live music.  Tomorrow, I FINALLY tackle the lawn!  Does anyone have any special plans for the weekend?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Is there anything more comfortable than a wrap dress? And is there any better excuse to wear earthy tones than EARTH DAY?  Nope and nope, so say I.


32 4

What I'm Wearing:
Wrap Dress: Old Navy (old, thrifted)  /  Cardigan: Forever 21 (old, thrifted)  /  Leggings: Marshall's
Shoes: thrifted  /  Fedora: vintage

Today I had every intention of mowing my lawn.  After all, that's the responsible thing to do as a homeowner on your day off work, right?  Instead, Ohio weather had other plans. We've had lovely spring thunderstorms rumbling through the area all morning, effectively keeping me inside as my little lawn gulps up the rain showers and rebelliously shoots up taller and taller.  Oh well.  Somehow the rain seems fitting for today, EARTH DAY.   Everything seems a bit greener today, a bit brighter, and a bit more ALIVE.

So even though I'm stuck inside watching the rain fall (and my yard grow longer), I'm not complaining.  After all, the earth is essentially giving me full permission to stay inside with a cup of coffee and a good book.  And what could one possible complain about in that?