Friday, February 10, 2012

T is for Tomboy (and a Tough day)

Even though I had lots of time today to put together an outfit, I thought about sitting this one out.  Today's theme was "T is for Tomboy", and boy was it a toughie.  I'm kind of a girly girl, so it was a huge challenge to pull something together that I felt fit with the theme.  Plus today I was kind of a hot mess... you know, it was one of THOSE days.  The don't-make-me-get-out-of-bed-I-don't-wanna-go-to-school kind of day.

Anyway, for better or for worse, this was my outfit.  And do pardon my refused to obey.



Buttoned or unbuttoned?  See, I couldn't even make a simple decision today!


What I'm wearing:
Blouse:  George Stretch |  Blazer:  Lipstick  |  Jeans: Grane, Macy's   |   Scarf:  Gift from sister   |  

I'm not sure I'm in love with this outfit...but oh well.  It was fun to experiment! (And seriously guys...buttoned or unbottoned?  Help a girl out here!)  Plus I'm ALWAYS looking for ideas of how to style this brown corduroy blazer.  It's one of those pieces in my closet that I haven't figured out how to wear, but I refuse to give up on.                                                                

Focusing on the positives, I guess some good things DID happen today:

1)  Milla's biopsy results came back as BENIGN.  (Milla = my sister's cat)  She is cancer-free!  Yippee!

2)  I feel like I aced my food animal exam this afternoon.  One of my tasks was...can you guess?...casting a sheep.  Even though my arms were sore from casting yesterday, I went in that sheep pen and BOOM.  Sheep cast.  That's what I'm talkin' about!

3)  I hung up new curtains in my office (where I've been taking photos since the weather has been so crappy).  I love, love, love them!  This room needed a little bit more color, and they did just the trick.

And now I have a mountain of work to tackle before I allow myself to enjoy this snowy Friday evening.  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. swooning over those booties!so good. I think you pulled the look off well... I'm a curly girl too so would struggle, but its good to try new things :) and thank u for the shout out, so nice of you. have a great weekend Hun x

    1. You are so welcome, Rachel! And thank you! I just got these shoes, and I'm completely in love with them. They'll definitely be making many more appearances in the future!