Thursday, February 9, 2012

S is for Sheer...and sheep!

I am so excited to have my first GFC follower!  Thank you to Rachel for following my blog!  Now ya'll need to go check out her awesome blog because she is just lovely and has the cutest style. <3

I didn't think I would have time to participate in today's fashion challenge, but surprise! I finished class early. Today's challenge is:  "S is for Sheer"

There's Calvin, creepin' in the background...



And because it's so stinkin' cold out, a blazer is necessary when leaving my apartment...

What I'm wearing:
Shirt:  Charlotte Russe |  Blazer:  Banana Republic (thrifted)  |  Jeans:  House of Dereon   |  Shoes:  Jadd (thrifted)

I've had this shirt for forever, but always forget about it.  It was nice to have a reason to dig it out and style it up!  At first I wore a necklace with this outfit, but I decided that the intricacy of the top was such that it looked best without one (especially with my big earrings).  Sometimes less is more, don't you think?

I confess, I did not wear this outfit today... but I had a good reason!  Today was SHEEP day, meaning I was in coveralls and boots chasing sheep around in a dirty barn.  High heels and nice clothes definitely would not have been appropriate!  But I love sheep, and it was a blast "rolling around in the hay" with them today (literally!).

Fun fact about sheep: to restrain them, all you need to do is CAST them.  What is casting?  You stick one hand in their mouth and hold their jaw, use your other hand to grab just in front of their hip, and then turn the head toward the hip while lifting up on the hip.  This blog has a fantastic description with great photos of the result:

Looks silly, doesn't it?  Propped up like this you can trim their feet, draw blood, conduct a breeding soundness exam...all sorts of things!  Once in this position the sheep completely relaxes, as you can see from this photo:

It may sound like a piece of cake to cast a sheep, but for a newbie like me it was exhausting.  I am definitely going to be sore in the morning!  It doesn't matter though...I still love sheep!

P.S. The coveralls the guy in these photos is wearing are similar to what I wear when working with farm animals (except mine are blue).  Yeah...not cute at all!


  1. Cute sheep. I totally understand not wearing the cute outfit while on the job - I used to work in theatre painting and doing carpentry all day, and I'm sure you get much yuckier than that. Anyways, I like your shirt, especially with the blazer.


  2. You look very chic in this outfit. ^_^

  3. That top is super cute! Love the way you styled it!

  4. That top is stunning! I love how shiny but sheer it is... sooo pretty!

    Also I used to live on a farm, so your talk about sheep reminded me of how much fun they are! Goats are pretty fun too, of course. :)

  5. Wow, you sure know how to pretty up a pair of jeans!
    Saw you featured from My Greatest Hits link up.
    Good luck on your vet studies. Interesting and impressive. Very nice blog. I'll be following.
    Nice to meet you, Megan.