Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lace and snoring dormice

Ugh, one of the things I hate most about taking photos inside is trying to get the lighting right.  It was positively FRIGID yesterday, so I really had no choice but to take pics inside again.  I apologize for the poor lighting...I tried my best!  I wore this yesterday for my studying-extravaganza.




When I first put this outfit together, I tried it with a belt.  I ended up taking it off though because it's more comfy without it...and comfort definitely goes before style on study days!
Which do you think looks better?  Belt or no belt?
What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: Vintage  |  Shirt: Hollister (thrifted)  |  Jeans:  Grane, Macy's  |  Shoes:  Target  |  
Belt:  Chiang Mai, Thailand Walking Street 

Yesterday was what I refer to as a "Super Study Saturday."  I spent most of the day camped out at Panera studying my life away, and such days call for comfort more so than fashion.  So there's nothing super special about this outfit, but I'd thought I'd share it nonetheless!  Especially because I'm totally in love with this cardigan - I'm a total sucker for lace details!  Also I finally learned how to do a fishtail braid, so I kind of wanted to show it off (even though the lighting sucks and you can't really see it.  Sigh.).  The Beauty Department created a great "how to" video, and it finally clicked for me:

I have a bunch of exams this week so probably won't be doing much updating.  In fact, today will probably be "Super Study Sunday."  I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!  To get your day started, here's 30 seconds of ADORABLE cuteness!  What better way to start a Sunday than by watching a snoring dormouse?

YouTube Description:  He's a dormouse. In winter, dormice hibernate in nests beneath the fallen leaves on the ground. When they wake up in spring, they build woven nests of honeysuckle bark and fresh leaves in the undergrowth. If the weather is cold and wet, and food scarce, they save energy by going into 'torpor' -- they curl up into a ball and go to sleep. In fact, in Britain the dormouse may spend up to three quarters of its life asleep, either hibernating in winter or in torpor during summer. It is believed their name comes from the Anglo-Norman word dormeus, meaning "sleepy (one)". This evolved to become dormouse even though they are more closely related to squirrels....

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