Friday, April 18, 2014

Freesia Friday

The Spring Pantone Color Challenge draws to a close with FREESIA, also known as the-color-everyone-thought-would-be-purple-but-isn't. Pantone has decreed that freesia is a vibrant in-your-face YELLOW.


I realize these shoes have made an appearance rather frequently as of late, but they are just SO comfortable and versatile!


What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: The Limited (thrifted)  /  Cardigan: Worthington  /  Jeans: a.n.a. (thrifted)  /  Shoes: LifeStride (DSW)


Here's the thing about yellow: I am often tempted to pair it with navy blue, and have even walked out of the house in yellow and navy before giving it too much thought.  However, I live in OHIO STATE BUCKEYE country, and the sight of NAVY and YELLOW together all too quickly brings to mind thoughts of THAT SCHOOL UP NORTH (COUGH - University of Michigan - COUGH).  Technically their colors are "maize" and blue, but any yellow/navy color combination is enough to elicit a rather visceral reaction from the Buckeye faithful.

And so, because I bleed scarlet and gray, I am very careful to never, ever wear my yellow cardigan with a blue shirt.  (As tempting as it may be.  Because, you know, navy and yellow really DO look quite nice together...)

"Don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, 'cuz we're from O-HI-O...!"


  1. Hahaha I loved your commentary about this outfit. I suppose I shouldn't mention that I'm from PA and a supporter of both Penn State AND Pitt . . . But in all honesty, I don't have any hate against any team--I don't care enough! :) I really love gray and yellow together so this look is great :) Thanks for linking up this week, Megan! It's been so fun!

    1. Haha, Marissa! As a Northeastern Ohioan, I know I ought to have SOME antipathy against Penn and Pitt, but to be honest...I also don't care enough. So I won't hold it against you if you won't hold it against me. :) And thanks again for hosting such a fun link-up!

  2. You did such a good job styling that pretty yellow top and I love the lacy cardigan. Also, smart title to this post lol.

    I'd love for us to follow and support each other via GFC and Bloglovin. I am liking your blog and style so yeah.

    Happy Easter, Ada. =)

    1. BTW that state you talk shit about (and I say that in my funniest voice) that is my state and I went to University of Michigan, Megan. I hope that doesn't mean you don't like me now. LOL I must agree the combo of Yellow+Blue is perfect but yeah Buckyes are their enemies. I am not at all a football fan though so I could care less about color combinations being those of rival schools.

    2. Hehe, Ada! I won't hold your Michigan heritage against you if don't mind my Buckeye blood. It's all in good fun, right? I actually have some good friends who happen to be Wolverines, so it's all good.
      Thank you so much for visiting, and you've definitely earned a follower!! :)

    3. Thanks, haha. I know so many people from Ohio and one of my good friends is a die-hard Buckeye fan. Plus some of my favorite bloggers I read daily, blog from Ohio so I don't mind at all.

      I am now following you via both Bloglovin and GFC. I love finding out new bloggers whom I share something in common with and whom I respect. I am all about supporting them, especially small bloggers with great potential like you and I are.

      I'd appreciate it if you follow me back on Bloglovin and GFC. Thanks again. =)

  3. heh, i love the traditions schools have with colors and how their competitors always be sure to steer away from wearing those colors! i was the same way in undergrad. i'm glad you decided to wear this colorful yellow blouse today for our freesia link up and found another color to pair with it aside from navy. the lace detail on the back of your cardigan is so pretty!

    literate & stylish

    1. Thank you so much, Heidi! And thank you again for hosting such a fun linkup.
      Now that I think about it, there are other color combinations I tend to stay away from, too. Purple and yellow, for example, immediately make me think of my high school years. Not that those are BAD memories, but it's like wearing red and green together (CHRISTMAS), or orange and black (HALLOWEEN). There's an undertone there that I just can't ignore!