Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Horses and hearts

I woke up feeling really ill today, so not much effort went into dressing. I almost got rid of this tank top last time I went through my closet looking for things to give to the thrift store, but ended up hanging on to it. After all, some days you need clothes that make you smile...and what is more smile-worthy than horses, hearts, and flowers?

Besides, I thought it would be a perfect top for vet school! Next quarter I'll be taking more equine-focused courses, so perhaps this top will have to make another appearance then...





And THIS is my darling boy, Calvin. I adopted him as a kitten when my boss at the time brought him into our veterinary clinic after finding him by the side of the highway.  We gave him a check-up and put him up for adoption, but I had already fallen in love with him.  He was just a little guy, and trashed his cage every day playing with the blankets and toys in his cage.  I used to take him out of his cage and let him sit on my shoulder while I did laundry and cleaned the common area.  Believe it or not, he really was small enough to sit on my shoulder!  I started to take him home with me in the evenings to socialize him and play with him, and secretly dreaded the time when he would finally find his forever home.  So I decided that I would just have to make his forever home with ME, and adopted him myself!   We've been inseparable ever since!


What I'm wearing:
Brown cardigan - Old Navy (thrifted)
Horse tank top - Delia's (thrifted)
Purple pants - Old Navy (hand-me-down from sister)
Red flats - American Eagle
Purple charm necklace - handmade gift from friend
Purple dangle earrings - handmade gift from friend

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