Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ridiculous and colorful

Today I am in an utterly ridiculous mood.


Eating a plant?


Oh my's HOT outside!!!

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Victoria's Secret (thrifted) |  Tank Top:  Angel City, local boutique  |  Sandals:  Easy Spirit, DSW  |  Earrings:  TLC Creations  |  Necklace: Gift from friend  |  Sunglasses:  Gucci knock-offs

I do enjoy sleeveless dresses...but I do NOT enjoy the perils that go with wearing sleeveless dresses, as a lady with...erm, shall we say, NOT much going for her "up there."  So to make myself feel better (as well as to avoid any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions), I like to pair sleeveless dresses with cute tank tops.  That way I'm not constantly worried about giving everyone a free show (if you know what I mean)!  Although it may not be the MOST fashionable, comfort is my number one priority.

Tomorrow I'm headed up north to spend the week with my family and to attend my cousin's wedding.  Unlike this past week, in which I had copious amounts of time to update, I probably won't be posting much.  Hopefully I'll get some good shots of my dress at the wedding - I am still super excited about the dress I am wearing, which I found ON SALE at Marshall's!

And of course, the kitties will be coming with me.  Luckily, they're actually pretty good in the car...
Now if only they'd behave so well at home! :)

Dude, why are you laying next to the oncology book?  Step AWAY from the onco book!   #superstitiousmom

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  1. As a person with the opposite problem, strapless dresses are a hazard! I never thought a tank top would look good underneath, but I might have to try this! I looks super cute! Have a good time at the wedding!

    1. Thank you, Andi! I guess strapless dresses can be a hazard for everyone... Give the tank top look a try! I think it can be pretty cute, and super practical.

    2. I think I will! :-)
      Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check it out here:

  2. Love the look of the tank underneath. Those colors go well together!

  3. I like this look! I'd do the same thing if I had a strapless dress. The colors are so fun! Love it!

  4. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I chose you to receive the Liebster award! You can check out the details on my blog:

  5. So cute! I would never have thought of wearing a tank underneath a strapless dress, but it looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!