Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello sunshine



What I'm wearing:
Cardigan - Kerri N Kelsey, thrifted
Gold leaf belt - thrifted
Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Hand-me-down from sister

I can't even begin to tell you how AMAZING it is to see the sunshine!   Typically we very rarely seen the sun during the winter, so I consider every morning I wake up and see the sunshine an absolute blessing!

I've been itching to style this cardigan and belt I found at the thrift store a couple months back, and figured a lovely Sunday morning was just the time to do it.  I debated for awhile whether or not to cut the shoulder pads out of this cardigan, and eventually decided to try leaving them in.  In an attempt to balance out the structured shoulders I added this nifty golden leaf belt.  Just for fun, I also decided to try it out without the golden belt:

I honestly can't decide which look I like better!  One thing is for certain: this cardigan, made of soft acrylic, is NOT cat and dog fur friendly.  I had it on for 30 seconds before I found I was already covered in fur.  So I definitely will NOT be wearing this top when I start clinics in March!

I'm off to Starbucks today for an afternoon of studying.  I have two exams this week, one in Preventive Medicine (about Public Health issues such as food safety and rabies), and one in small ruminant medicine (sheep and goats...gotta love 'em!).  

I'll leave you with a little vet-related humor for your weekend... ;) 
Horses are such exquisitely delicate creatures.

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  1. beautiful top hun and lovely pics. Am now your first follower with GFC, yay! x